U40 Leadership Summit 2023

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GreenSky®, A Goldman Sachs Company delights Customers and helps grow Businesses by providing access to increased buying power for qualified Customers. Our paperless, point-of-sale solution can enable bigger deals and the ability to serve more Customers with financing plans that meet the needs of many buyers.

Learn more at GreenSky.com.

Contact info:
Reid Benjamin / Vice President, Sales / Reid.Benjamin@GreenSky.com / 248.470.9305


The Association of Professional Builders

The Association of Professional Builders (APB) is the leading business coaching company for professional builders in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Our mission is to improve the construction industry for both builders and consumers by providing builders with proven systems that generate more leads, more contracts and higher margins while improving the client experience. We work exclusively with residential building companies. In particular, the owners and directors of medium-sized construction companies who are looking to systemise their business.


Contact Info:
Association of Professional Builders / russstephens@apbbuilders.com
US - 832 998 8994 / CA - 437 886 2717 / AU - 1300 212 189


Silvermine Stone

Silvermine Stone was created by a mason who wanted to simplify the process of installing manufactured stone veneer. He knew that installing stone veneer piece by piece, using mortar, was a tedious and time-consuming process, and it required a skilled mason to do it right. Stone accents were becoming much more popular in the construction and home building industry, yet it was taking a long time, and money, to install it, especially to do it right. Today Silvermine Stone has evolved to provide a realistic stone appearance, with a fast and easy mortarless installation that protects the house from moisture.


Contact Info:
Tom Zimmerman / tzimmerman@silverminestone.com / 715.835.7595



TAMLYN® is celebrating over 50 years of excellence in the building supply industry!  In May 1971 RonTamlyn, Sr. and his wife Jean borrowed $800 and began the company in a small shack in the back yard of their modest home in Bellaire, Texas.  TAMLYN remains family-owned and operated to this day. Our history is one of quality, innovation, and proven performance. TAMLYN manufactures Xtreme Trim® for fiber cement and XtremeInterior® for drywall and panel applications, TamlynWrap & a complete moisture management system, roofing products and structural metal products. TAMLYN is dedicated to providing quality products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service.


Contact info:
Nate German / ngerman@tamlyn.com / 281.499.9604



NAHB Young Professionals is a community of like-minded home building professionals from across the country who are looking to connect and grow their networks, businesses, and careers. Our mission is to provide young professionals in residential construction opportunities to connect, collaborate, and develop professionally. We also strive to create a strong community of young professionals and help them advance personally and professionally. We are here to help YPs build their careers and build the next generation of leaders in home building.

To qualify as an NAHB Young Professional, members must be under the age of 45 at the start of their membership and join their local NAHB association. By joining NAHB, you gain access to the NAHB Savings program of discounts, a complimentary subscription to Pro Builder magazine, access to NAHB Connect — NAHB's official Members forum, opportunities to meet and build relationships with fellow professionals, owners, and suppliers at the national and local level, members-only access to nahb.org, which includes valuable information in all areas of the construction industry (more detail below), and much more.


For more information please visit nahb.org/yp or contact, Topher McLarty, cmclarty@nahb.org or Rachel MacKenzie, rmackenzie@nahb.org.